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Authentic Indian Snacks to Enjoy!

Tiptop Foods offers delicious, authentic Indian snacks and namkeen. Enjoy classic flavours.
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Tempt your taste buds with Tiptop Foods' Indian super snacks! we source only the freshest ingredients to guarantee the highest quality. Enjoy the perfect snack for any occasion today!
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Enjoy the Deliciousness of Indian Namkeen!

Enjoy the crunchy and savory taste of our snacks and make your snack time even more enjoyable. Discover the traditional flavours of India with Indian namkeen and experience a unique taste that you won't find anywhere else!
Bhakar vadi 2


Enjoy the crunchy, addictive spirals and make every snack time special!


2. Sev

Treat yourself to the delectable and lip-smacking taste of Tip Top Nylon Sev!


3. Gathia

Nothing beats the taste of crunchy and delicious Bhavnagari Gathiya!


4. Chakali

Enjoy the delightful taste of Tiptops Chakri, a treat that will tantalize your taste buds!