About Us

35 years back a young man with dreams in his eyes started Tip Top wafers. It is idea was to offer authentic mouth watering Indian snacks. The energetic young man travelled places to get the first hand idea on consumer’s behavior and market trend.

Mr Jitendra chedda the genius yet humble, visionary but feet firmly rooted to ground is the main architect of ‘Tip Top’ . ‘Tip Top’ has got the recognition in the western region for its delicious snacks ‘Tip Top’ is a prestigious name today with a strong brand loyalty and 90% repeat sales. There is 25% increase in demand year-on-year (YOY).

‘Tip Top’ is now raring to carve a niche in the renowned markets of UK, USA & Canada. To meet the toughest quality parameters of these countries, the production line has been fully atomized. The latest machines and equipments have been purchased from the market leaders of foods machineries manufacturers.

Similarly another traditional Guajarati dish, khakhra has been introduced in 12 flavors to tinkle the taste buds of non-Guajarati consumers. None but a genius likes Mr. chedda who has deep insight of traditional foods and a strong grip on changing market trend can only imagine something unimaginable

There are 18 types of ‘Mixtures’ and 4 types of ‘Dals’ that can turn the ‘Tea Time’ into the ‘Party Time’. The protein rich lentils and cereals fried and seasoned with the tasty seasonings provide taste and health both.

‘Bhel’ the most popular and nutritious snack of India has been re-invented and introduce into 12 amazing flavors open a pack of ‘Tip Tops’ bhel, smell it and then taste it. The positive energy starts flowing in mind and body that ultimately swing the mood. Tip Top bhels are mood swingers that fit up the face with joy and happiness.

‘Tip Top’ offers 9 types of ‘Chikkis’ each loaded with protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to keep one healthy and fit. Prepared from the best quality, handpicked dry fruits, Tip Top’s dry fruit chikkis are the real ‘royal treat’ that provide food to body and soul. Tip Top’s ‘chikkis’ are the best health food that can be eaten after extensive work-out(exercise), jogging, swimming, fasting and during travelling.

‘Tip Top’ has developed 6 special snacks for ‘young men and babies’ aged between 3-12 years. The main attraction is the seasonings used in these snacks. These mildly spiced snacks with unique taste and lingering flavor are the current ‘heart-throbs’ of our ‘young men and babies’

With the changing time, the taste, preference and expectation of today’s teenagers have undergone a sea-change. Mr Jitendra chedda and his team have introduced new convenience packaging and has developed roasted snacks (less oil). All our products are not only tasty and delicious but also value for money.

‘Tip Top’ is scaling new heights of excellence and is poised to occupy the ‘Top Slot’. There is a skilled and loyal workforce with 80% workers having completed 25 years or more of service with us and technically qualified advisors to handle packaging marketing, production and Research & Development.